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No Mow May - Give yourself a break….and all the little creatures in your garden!

As temperatures warm up through Spring all the little animals in your garden begin to get active and ready to breed. Holding off mowing during May gives them a chance to to forage and establish themselves. Insects enjoy a wealth of new plant shoots and flowers and in turn attract more of the smaller birds into your space.

Paths cut through longer grass will invite you to explore and experience new vistas in your garden. Also different lengths of grass provide different habitats increasing the range of mini beasts you will attract.

Dandelions provide the first food for bees. If you have enough dandelions enjoy the sunny flowers and just pick off the heads before they seed. Although there is a special joy walking through a dewy, misty field full of dandelion clocks! Other flowering plants also get a head start and you may be surprised at the range of new and unexpected volunteers that may present themselves!

Give it a go…

In May don’t mow!

Ailsa Vincent - Guildford in Bloom Wildlife Judge

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