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A word from our Chairman

Cllr. Paul Spooner

We are lucky to live and work in a beautiful place. Guildford itself is a historic town with a rich and varied architectural heritage. Outside the town, our many lovely villages are set in some spectacular scenery designated for its long-term protection.
As a Council, we’re proud of our own award winning parks and countryside - I often wish that I had more time to relax in the stunning Castle Grounds during the warm summer months. As I walk through Guildford though, I do get the opportunity to appreciate the wonderful colour that our hanging baskets and troughs bring to the town. But Guildford in Bloom adds so much more.
There is something special about our residents, communities and businesses coming together and making our borough a greener, cleaner and even more attractive place to live, work and visit.
I have been lucky to see at first-hand how Guildford in Bloom has encouraged residents to transform their own gardens, both large and small, inspired schools and their pupils to learn about plants and nature and motivated communities to come together with fantastic projects to enhance their areas. Judging the “Best Pub in Bloom” is always a pleasure!
Guildford in Bloom has been running for over 40 years and its success is thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers working hard to make it happen.
I am proud and privileged to have been a part of this for the last 8 years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. As we continue to grow and expand, please come and join us by becoming a sponsor of our 2022 campaign.

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