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January at Lido Allotments

When it looks like this outside, it can be difficult to set foot outside when indoors is so warm and cosy with cups of tea on demand! However, there are lots of jobs to be done on your allotment in January as Dylan Thomas of Lido Allotments tells us:

Dylan says: "During January their is lots to do - cutting back, trimming, digging over plot and getting ready for spring. Birds 🐦 like Robins, Blue Tits, Black Birds and thrushes are needing to be fed! Grass can be cut all year round so long as its not wet or frosty. So clearly not done on the day the photos were taken! Lots of stuff coming through on my plot such as Rhubarb, snow drops, tulips, roses, and buds comes along nicely on a variety of herbs 🌿, and plants plus fruit bushes. Its so encouraging to see signs of spring. Good time to wash down tools 🔧 on plots and to reorganise your plot prior to spring - plus weeding as well.

So it looks like allotment owners need to wrap up warm and brave the weather and start ticking off those jobs on the to-do list.

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