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Guildford in Bloom Schools 2023

We are delighted to launch our Guildford Schools in Bloom awards for 2023.  As always we are really looking forward to seeing the gardens and talking to the children about them.


Enter your school in the 2023 Guildford Schools in Bloom competition.  Your completed application form needs to be emailed to by 21 May 2023 to qualify for entry.

Judging will take place between 5 to 16 June 2023.

Our theme this year is For King and Countryside. We are looking for imaginatively themed gardens and novel containers that reflect the coronation of King Charles III but in recognition of the new King’s lifelong love of nature conservation it is also essential that your garden includes at least 5 things that proactively promote the wellbeing of wildlife.

The Kings Coronation can inspire the colours in your garden as well as planters and ornaments, but we also want to hear bees buzzing and see what you are doing to attract and care for all wildlife.  Extra points can be gained for a Peat Free garden.

Think creatively about the containers you will use. Recycling used containers and objects would be a great idea.

We want you to have fun designing, planting and looking after your gardens and saying hello to all the wildlife.

Competition Details: Free to enter and open to all schools in the Borough of Guildford. If you would like to get involved, please complete the form, and email it to


Competition Closing Date: 21 May 2023.

Judging Dates: 5-16 June 2023 (We will confirm the exact date with you nearer the time). If you are using novel containers, up to four will be judged for each entry.

The date and venue of the Awards Event will be advised as soon as possible. 

Important Blooming Diary Dates

21 May 2023                      Best School in Bloom entry deadline

3 June 2023                       Picnic in the Castle Grounds

5-16 June 2023                  School Gardening Competition Judging

18 June 2023                      Guildford in Bloom Competition entry deadline

6 July 2023                         School in Bloom Awards *Note Date Change*

28 June to 15 July 2023      Guildford in Bloom Competition Judging

7 September 2023               Guildford in Bloom Competition Awards Ceremony.



The Theme – For King and Countryside

This year our theme, although centred around the Coronation of King Charles III which takes place on 6 May 2023 – just before the closing dates for our competitions, will embrace causes close to The King’s heart.

King Charles III has campaigned passionately throughout his time as Prince of Wales for wildlife and the countryside.  So this year we are rewarding gardens and allotments that have a number of elements to attract and protect bees, butterflies, bugs and other wildlife.

To qualify for a Themed Garden Award – and for the Schools in Bloom competition you can include any interpretation of the Coronation but must also include (5) of the following (10) features.


  1. A Nectar Café – plants for bees, butterflies and other pollinators

  2. Bug Hotel or log pile

  3. Bee B&B

  4. Bird Bath – making sure it includes stones so insects can climb out

  5. Pond

  6. Bird Feeder

  7. Bird House

  8. Hedgehog house

  9. Be part of a Hedgehog Corridor

  10. Wildflower area

We will also be looking for a plastic fee environment unless the plastic item is being recycled i.e. milk bottles used as planters.


To Help You












We also want to see examples classroom work incorporating Gardening.  Ideally a topic book with photos and details of the work the children have done.

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